RFR (S) - 8065155 Refactor Hotspot mapfiles

Ioi Lam ioi.lam at oracle.com
Thu Sep 17 22:44:20 UTC 2015

Please review a small fix:


Bug: Refactor Hotspot mapfiles


Summary of fix:

     After this fix, when you're adding a new JVM_XXX or JNI_XXX function,
     you no longer need to edit *9* files!!

     I checked the mapfiles of all platforms that are in the jdk9/hs-rt 

     [a] linux, solaris, bsd, bsd-darwin all have an identical common 
part that
         contains many JNI_ and JVM_ functions.
     [b] the common parts of linux, solaris and bsd are sorted in the 
same order.
bsd-darwin is sorted differently but the contents are the same.
     [c] aix is slightly differently than the other platforms, probably 
due to
         code rot.

     So the fix is to move the common part into a separate file. I
     changed the makefiles of all platforms to concatenate the common 
part into
     the main mapfile.

     As part of the fix, I also addressed:
         JDK-8134783 - libjvm.so is not rebuilt after mapfile-ext is 

     Note that I have not tested AIX since I don't have a build 
environment. However,
     it should be no worse than before.


     JPRT (passed)
     RBT  (will do it before pushing)

- Ioi

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