Off-heap object space

Khanh Nguyen ktruong.nguyen at
Sat Jan 16 01:54:23 UTC 2016


I want to implement an off-heap, non-GC, non-contiguous object space. Of
course my naive approach is to call os::malloc or the existing macro
AllocateHeap(). Also I did turn the compressed oops flags off. But I'm
facing this undeterministic issue: randomly the JVM crashes. That is,
sometimes my program can successfully run (with the correct result). And
sometimes it crashes (in library code)

Partial crash log is this:
# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007fd71102681d, pid=6741, tid=140562059818752
# JRE version: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (8.0) (build
# Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (25.0-b70-debug interpreted mode
linux-amd64 )
# Problematic frame:
# j
# Core dump written. Default location:
/lv_scratch/scratch/khanh/openjdk8/core or core.6741
# If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:

---------------  T H R E A D  ---------------

Current thread (0x00007fd72000a800):  JavaThread "main" [_thread_in_Java,
id=6742, stack(0x00007fd72794f000,0x00007fd727a50000)]

siginfo:si_signo=SIGSEGV: si_errno=0, si_code=2 (SEGV_ACCERR),

RAX=0x00007fd6110fc818, RBX=0x00007fd0ae129248, RCX=0x0000000000000000,
RSP=0x00007fd727a4e428, RBP=0x00007fd727a4e480, RSI=0x00007fd727a4e3b8,
R8 =0x0000000000000000, R9 =0x0000000000000024, R10=0x00007f973b660000,
R12=0x00007fd711000564, R13=0x00007fd0ae124bb3, R14=0x00007fd727a4e4f0,
RIP=0x00007fd71102681d, EFLAGS=0x0000000000010206,
CSGSFS=0x0000000000000033, ERR=0x0000000000000006

Stack: [0x00007fd72794f000,0x00007fd727a50000],  sp=0x00007fd727a4e428,
 free space=1021k
Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native
j  EmptyMethod.generateHashMap()Ljava/util/HashMap;+44
j  EmptyMethod.runTest(I)V+24
j  EmptyMethod.main([Ljava/lang/String;)V+97
v  ~StubRoutines::call_stub
V  []  JavaCalls::call_helper(JavaValue*, methodHandle*,
JavaCallArguments*, Thread*)+0x680
V  []  os::os_exception_wrapper(void (*)(JavaValue*,
methodHandle*, JavaCallArguments*, Thread*), JavaValue*, methodHandle*,
JavaCallArguments*, Thread*)+0x3a
V  []  JavaCalls::call(JavaValue*, methodHandle,
JavaCallArguments*, Thread*)+0x7d
V  []  jni_invoke_static(JNIEnv_*, JavaValue*, _jobject*,
JNICallType, _jmethodID*, JNI_ArgumentPusher*, Thread*)+0x1ca
V  []  jni_CallStaticVoidMethod+0x385
C  []  JavaMain+0x89a

---------------  P R O C E S S  ---------------

Java Threads: ( => current thread )
  0x00007fd72014c000 JavaThread "Service Thread" daemon [_thread_blocked,
id=6765, stack(0x00007fd0a9e37000,0x00007fd0a9f38000)]
  0x00007fd720142800 JavaThread "Signal Dispatcher" daemon
[_thread_blocked, id=6764, stack(0x00007fd0a9f38000,0x00007fd0aa039000)]
  0x00007fd7200e9000 JavaThread "Finalizer" daemon [_thread_blocked,
id=6763, stack(0x00007fd110058000,0x00007fd110159000)]
  0x00007fd7200e6800 JavaThread "Reference Handler" daemon
[_thread_blocked, id=6762, stack(0x00007fd0aa039000,0x00007fd0aa13a000)]
=>0x00007fd72000a800 JavaThread "main" [_thread_in_Java, id=6742,

Other Threads:
  0x00007fd7200db800 VMThread [stack:
0x00007fd0aa13a000,0x00007fd0aa23b000] [id=6761]
  0x00007fd720150000 WatcherThread [stack:
0x00007fd0a9d36000,0x00007fd0a9e37000] [id=6766]

VM state:not at safepoint (normal execution)

VM Mutex/Monitor currently owned by a thread: None

 PSYoungGen      total 5120K, used 2088K [0x00007fd611000000,
0x00007fd611b00000, 0x00007fd711000000)
  eden space 4096K, 25% used
  from space 1024K, 100% used
  to   space 1536K, 0% used
 ParOldGen       total 512512K, used 1128K [0x00007fd411000000,
0x00007fd430480000, 0x00007fd611000000)
  object space 512512K, 0% used
 Metaspace       used 3255K, capacity 4108K, committed 4352K, reserved 8192K

Card table byte_map: [0x00007fd7256e8000,0x00007fd726ee9000] byte_map_base:

Marking Bits: (ParMarkBitMap*) 0x00007fd728f79340
 Begin Bits: [0x00007fd0b0000000, 0x00007fd0bc000000)
 End Bits:   [0x00007fd0bc000000, 0x00007fd0c8000000)

Polling page: 0x00007fd7291f5000

CodeCache: size=245760Kb used=1439Kb max_used=1439Kb free=244320Kb
 bounds [0x00007fd711000000, 0x00007fd711270000, 0x00007fd720000000]
 total_blobs=189 nmethods=0 adapters=164
 compilation: disabled (interpreter mode)

Using gdb doesn't show anything interesting unfortunately
#2  0x00007fd023d393a3 in os::abort (dump_core=true) at
#3  0x00007fd023efacdd in VMError::report_and_die (this=0x7fd023293d00) at
#4  0x00007fd023d453d9 in JVM_handle_linux_signal (sig=11,
info=0x7fd023293fb0, ucVoid=0x7fd023293e80, abort_if_unrecognized=1) at
#5  0x00007fd023d3eebf in signalHandler (sig=11, info=0x7fd023293fb0,
uc=0x7fd023293e80) at
#6  <signal handler called>
#7  0x00007fd00d02681d in ?? ()
#8  0x00007fcf0d0feee0 in ?? ()
#9  0x0000000000000002 in ?? ()
#10 0x00007fc9e95c9c58 in ?? ()
#11 0x00007fd023294440 in ?? ()
#12 0x00007fca09c71bb0 in ?? ()
#13 0x00007fd0232944f0 in ?? ()
#14 0x00007fca09c74e30 in ?? ()
#15 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

So my questions, specifically, are
1) Why SEGV_ACCERR? And any idea of where the problem might be?

2) In theory, it should be straightforward for me to have an off-heap space
where I can allocate objects in. I don't understand why there is a random
crash like what I have. I mean if I violate some implicit rules in Hotspot,
my program should fail always.

Any pointers/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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