kirk.pepperdine at kirk.pepperdine at
Tue Mar 15 07:14:07 UTC 2016

Hi Christian,

>> I’ve just been visiting the work done
> What work are you referring to?

The work that split code cache but more specifically the ObjectName(s) given to the supporting MemoryPoolMXBean(s).  The names that I have showing up are java.lang:name=CodeHeap 'non-nmethods',type=MemoryPool, java.lang:name=CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods',type=MemoryPool, and java.lang:name=CodeHeap 'profiled nmethods',type=MemoryPool. I was expecting to see java.lang:name=CodeCache 'non-nmethods',type=MemoryPool as that would have followed the establish naming convention. It’s not that this is a huge issue, it obviously isn't and I appreciate the very nice summaries of the work done that were made in reply to this question. I was just interested in if the naming was a conscience decision and if so what motivated it.

Thank you to all who responded.


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