Documentation on the Hostpot C++ Heap Management

Marcelino Rodriguez cancio marcelino.rodriguez-cancio at
Mon May 9 14:52:20 UTC 2016

Hello Community: 

I'm doing some modifications to the Server Compiler (C2) to test some ideas for my Ph.D. 

Anyway, I'm having some memory related errors which I believe are caused by my inability to properly manage memory. 

I see there a several types of objects (ResourceObj, StackObj, _ValueObj, etc.) (/hotspot/src/share/vm/memory/allocation.hpp). Also the Arena takes memory from three chunk pools (|outline )... 

My point is that I have scattered pieces of information that I will have to digest and organize in my head before I'm able to properly use the allocation classes of Hotspot and I was thinking that perhaps someone has done this before and written something about it. 

Optimally, I'm looking for a comprehensive guide explaining the different classes, the usage rules, good and bad practices...or any resource you think may help me have a mental map of this topic. 

Thanks a lot for your time! 

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