SIGILL crashes JVM on PPC64 LE

Gustavo Romero gromero at
Wed May 11 22:32:45 UTC 2016


I'm getting a nasty SIGILL that crashes the JVM on PPC64 LE.

hs_err log:

The application employs methods from both java.nio.ByteBuffer and
sun.misc.Unsafe classes in order to write and read from an allocated buffer.

A interesting thing is that after debugging the instruction that caused the
said SIGILL:

   0x3fff902839a4:	cmpwi   cr6,r17,0
   0x3fff902839a8:	beq     cr6,0x3fff90283ae4
   0x3fff902839ac:	.long 0xea2f0013 <============ illegal instruction
   0x3fff902839b0:	add     r15,r15,r17
   0x3fff902839b4:	add     r14,r17,r14

I found that when its endianness is changed it turns out to be a valid
instruction: vsel v24,v0,v5,v31

However, I'm still unable to determine if it's an application issue, something
with JVM unsafe interface code, or something else.

Any clue on how to narrow down this SIGILL?

Thank you!


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