Question regarding JVM crashes in GC

Michael Rasmussen michael.rasmussen at
Thu Apr 6 15:36:27 UTC 2017

On 6 April 2017 at 15:26, Stefan Johansson <stefan.johansson at> wrote:
> could you try running with -XX:+UseSerialGC
> -XX:MarkSweepDeadRatio=0 -XX:MarkSweepAlwaysCompactCount=1 and see if you
> run into the same issues with Serial as the other collectors?

With that, it fails on the very first GC:
# Internal Error (genOopClosures.inline.hpp:110), pid=28567, tid=28569
# assert(!_g->to()->is_in_reserved(obj)) failed: Scanning field twice?

With the following stack trace in hs_err (before report_vm_error is called):
V  []  void FastScanClosure::do_oop_work<unsigned
int>(unsigned int*)+0x1d6
V  []  void
FastScanClosure>(oop, FastScanClosure*)+0x37e
V  []  void InstanceRefKlass::oop_oop_iterate<true,
FastScanClosure>(oop, FastScanClosure*)+0x187
V  []  InstanceRefKlass::oop_oop_iterate_nv(oop,

I'm still trying to debug if it's somewhere in our native code that
triggers this, although I don't understand how/if we can touch
something this deep in the GC.


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