RFR (M) 8169061: Drop os::is_MP checks from Atomics

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Mon Apr 24 12:53:26 UTC 2017


See https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8169061.

Our current Atomic code looks like this:

// Adding a lock prefix to an instruction on MP machine
#define LOCK_IF_MP(mp) "cmp $0, " #mp "; je 1f; lock; 1: "

inline jint Atomic::add (jint add_value, volatile jint* dest) {
  jint addend = add_value;
  int mp = os::is_MP();
  __asm__ volatile ( LOCK_IF_MP(%3) "xaddl %0,(%2)"
                    : "=r" (addend)
                    : "0" (addend), "r" (dest), "r" (mp)
                    : "cc", "memory");
  return addend + add_value;

Notice the LOCK_IF_MP part, which means we have flag reads, additional branch,
etc. on the hot path. I would like us to consider dropping runtime os::is_MP
checks from Atomics. The history of the original change predates OpenJDK, but I
think it was deemed a plausible optimization in mostly-uniprocessor world.
Today, this penalizes multi-core platforms without a good reason.

Proposed change for jdk10/hs:

It unconditionally does lock prefix on all atomics.

Our interest for doing this is GC performance work. For example, in Shenandoah,
native CASes are very frequently used for bitmap manipulation during marking,
updating forwarding pointers for evacuating objects, updating references in the
heap. We have measured around 1-2% GC time improvement with this change. I fully
expect it to benefit G1 too, because it also does CASes on bitmaps.

Testing: shenandoah tests, hotspot_runtime on Linux x86_64

Putting this via the build-test system on other platforms would be appreciated!


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