JEP [DRAFT]: Container aware Java

David Holmes david.holmes at
Tue Aug 1 07:04:23 UTC 2017

Bernd Eckenfels ecki at wrote on Mon Jul 17 21:57:39 
UTC 2017
> For a virtualized solution you can use the normal methods for getting the number of virtual CPUs or the RAM size (and I am quite sure nobody expects auto tuning based on host resources). JVM already does that. This fails for soft partitioning, especially cgroups, CPU sets (and NUMA Zones).
> I am not sure how important auto tuning is, but it does make sense to observe soft partitioning limits. None of them are Docker specific, however.
> Besides the maximum heap it also affects parallelity for GC and the default fork/join pool. Anything else in scope for this JEP?

The VM already handles cpusets (as used by cgroups and thus Docker) on 
Linux, as their use is exposed through the sched_getaffinity API.


> Gruss
> Bernd

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