Hotspot repository jdk10/hs will close by the end of the week

jesper.wilhelmsson at jesper.wilhelmsson at
Tue Aug 29 17:08:56 UTC 2017


The repository consolidation is approaching and to prepare for that we need to push all new changes from jdk10/hs to jdk10/jdk10. Once that push is done the hotspot repository jdk10/hs will be closed for all pushes until the consolidation is done.

The current plan is to integrate 10/hs to 10/10 on Friday/Saturday. The snapshot will be taken at 2pm PST. Pushes not completed before 2pm will be killed and rejected.

To increase the likelihood of this proceeding smoothly, please act quickly if a bug is filed due to any change you are pushing this week.

The repo consolidation will likely take at least two weeks. The preliminary date for opening 10/hs is September 18. This is subject to change depending on the duration of the consolidation effort.


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