JDK 10 RDP1 vs the Hotspot repo

jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com
Fri Dec 1 20:20:59 UTC 2017

Hi HotSpot developers!

Today is December 1:st and this is the day that was announced to be the last day to push changes that must go into JDK 10 through the Hotspot repository, jdk/hs.

Tonight at 8 pm PT the Hotspot nightly will grab a snapshot of jdk/hs and run the usual nightly testing. I will then take this snapshot and start our slightly larger integration test suite that will run over the weekend to make sure stuff holds together. If there are integration blockers, already known or found by the testing, these bugs should have top priority to fix during the time left before JDK 10 enters RDP1. Once all known blockers in the snapshot are fixed I will push this snapshot to jdk/jdk. If there are blockers left by the 14:th we need to rethink our plan.

JDK 10 enters RDP1 on December 14:th. At this point a stabilization repo for JDK 10 will be created and the development repositories (e.g. jdk/jdk and jdk/hs) will be in JDK 11 mode. After this point only P1-P3 bugs can be fixed in JDK 10.

As we have some time between today and the 14:th development will continue in jdk/hs. During this period jdk/hs is still in JDK 10 mode. IF the snapshot I take tonight is integrated smoothly already next week I will try to get another hs snapshot (Friday next week) into jdk/jdk before the fork, but please note that this is a big IF.

Trying to sum this up:
P1-P3 bugfixes
Not affected by RDP1.
If pushed to jdk/hs between today and December 14 we will make sure they end up in JDK 10 eventually.
If pushed to jdk/hs after December 14 they become fixed in JDK 11 and it will be your own responsibility to backport them to JDK 10.
RFEs and P4 - P5 bugs that MUST go into JDK 10
Push to jdk/hs before 8 pm PT today
or push directly to jdk/jdk before December 14.
Please note that this option requires that you test your change extensively as this will bypass all normal VM testing that is done in jdk/hs before changes propagates to jdk/jdk.
JDK 11 changes
Do NOT push to any repository until after the fork on December 14.

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