Question: Restriction on non-empty directory on cass path

yumin qi yumin.qi at
Wed Dec 13 05:18:13 UTC 2017


  The question is for CDS. When dump CDS using (tried with Ioi's AppCDS
  -Xshare:dump -XX:+UseAppCDS  -cp somedir:somedir/somefile.jar

   if somedir does not contain any classes file, but other non class files,
it will fail here:


         tty->print_cr("Error: non-empty directory '%s'", path);
         exit_with_path_failure("Cannot have non-empty directory in
boot/ext/app classpaths", NULL);

   Why not just skip adding such class path entry? Will it fail on share if
those entries skipped?
   Is this a design behavior?
   User some time append such directories to class path, and will confuse
on such failure on CDS since it won't fail on non-CDS way.

    Any inputs really appreciated.


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