Additional JEPS 8182070 requirement: avoiding container OOM

Glyn Normington gnormington at
Wed Dec 13 09:13:57 UTC 2017

I wonder if someone involved in JEPS 8182070 (Container aware Java) would
care to comment on the additional requirement described below?

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 9:30 AM, Glyn Normington <gnormington at>

> I would like to mention an additional requirement for JEPS 8182070 (
> avoid the JVM hitting container
> OOM by strictly bounding the amount of (physical) memory that the JVM
> consumes. This may be implicit in the document, but I think it should be
> made an explicit goal.
> If a java application hits container OOM, no detailed diagnostics, such as
> those associated with an OutOfMemoryError or a JVMTI resource exhaustion
> event, are presented to the user, so the user finds it very difficult to
> know how to fix the problem.
> The Cloud Foundry OSS project has done quite a bit of work on this problem
> and provides a couple of utilities which help when running a JVM in a
> container:
> * Java memory calculator ([1], [2]) to determine JVM memory settings,
> * jvmkill JVMTI agent ([3]) to report detailed diagnostics on a resource
> exhaustion event.
> Regards,
> Glyn
> [1]
> [2] Design doc:
> 1vlXBiwRIjwiVcbvUGYMrxx2Aw1RVAtxq3iuZ3UK2vXA/edit#heading=h.uy41ishpv9zc
> [3]


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