Another question, if I may?

Ted Neward ted at
Sun Dec 24 11:01:17 UTC 2017

So if I do a "make hotspot" it replaces the compiled Hotspot binary in the exploded build image?

The reason I ask is that this is what I tried, and it didn’t appear to show up in the list of "PrintFlagsFinal" output.

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On 12/22/17, 12:32 AM, "Erik Joelsson" <erik.joelsson at> wrote:

    On 2017-12-22 01:06, David Holmes wrote:
    > "make hotspot" won't update the image, you need to "make images" for 
    > that.
    > Assuming you're building 9+ then when you change the module 
    > needs to be rebuilt etc.
    > Or you can work from the exploded build the contents of e.g.
    >  build/linux-x64-debug/jdk/
    > though you still need a full build to prime that. But after that "make 
    > hotspot" should suffice. (Erik correct me if I'm wrong here please.)
    This is correct. Using the exploded image as described is the shortcut 
    we have. The actual images are always built using jmod/jlink and yes, 
    that requires quite a bit of extra build time.
    If you are in JDK 8, you need to run "make jdk" to get the exploded 
    image updated with the new

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