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Vladimir Ivanov vladimir.x.ivanov at
Tue Oct 3 11:54:12 UTC 2017


> 2. For the same cluster, we also see over half of machines repeatedly
> experiencing full GC due to Metaspace full. We dump JSTACK for every minute
> during 30 minutes, and see many threads are trying to compile the exact
> same lambda form throughout the 30-minute period.
> Here is an example stacktrace on one machine. The LambdaForm triggers the
> compilation on that machine is always LambdaForm$MH/170067652. Once it's
> compiled, it should use the new compiled lambda form. We don't know why
> it's still trying to compile the same lambda form again and again. -- Would
> it be because the compiled lambda form somehow failed to load? This might
> relate to the negative number of loaded classes.

What you are seeing here is LambdaForm customization (8069591 [1]).

Customization creates a new LambdaForm instance specialized for a 
particular MethodHandle instance (no LF sharing possible). It was 
designed to alleviate performance penalty when inlining through a MH 
invoker doesn't happen and enables JIT-compilers to compile the whole 
method handle chain into a single nmethod. Without customization a 
method handle chain breaks up into a chain of small nmethods (1 nmethod 
per LambdaForm) and calls between them start dominate the execution 
time. (More details are available in [2].)

Customization takes place once a method handle has been invoked through 
MH.invoke/invokeExact() more than 127 times.

Considering you observe continuous customization, it means there are 
method handles being continuously instantiated and used which share the 
same lambda form (LambdaForm$MH/170067652). It leads to excessive 
generation of VM anonymous classes and creates memory pressure in 

As a workaround, you can try to disable LF customization 

But I'd suggest to look into why the application continuously creates 
method handles. As you noted, it doesn't play well with existing 
heuristics aimed at maximum throughput which assume the application 
behavior "stabilizes" over time.

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov


     slides #45-#50

>      "20170926_232912_39740_3vuuu.1.79-4-76640" #76640 prio=5 os_prio=0
> tid=0x00007f908006dbd0 nid=0x150a6 runnable [0x00007f8bddb1b000]
>         java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
>              at sun.misc.Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass(Native Method)
>              at java.lang.invoke.InvokerBytecodeGenerator.
> loadAndInitializeInvokerClass(
>              at java.lang.invoke.InvokerBytecodeGenerator.loadMethod(
>              at java.lang.invoke.InvokerBytecodeGenerator.
> generateCustomizedCode(
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm.compileToBytecode(LambdaForm.
> java:654)
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm.prepare(
>              at java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle.updateForm(
> 1432)
>              at java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle.customize(
> 1442)
>              at java.lang.invoke.Invokers.maybeCustomize(
>              at java.lang.invoke.Invokers.checkCustomized(
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm$MH/170067652.invokeExact_MT(
> LambdaForm$MH)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.aggregation.MinMaxHelper.
> combineStateWithState(
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.aggregation.
> MaxAggregationFunction.combine(
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm$DMH/1607453282.invokeStatic_
> L3_V(LambdaForm$DMH)
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm$BMH/1118134445.reinvoke(
> LambdaForm$BMH)
>              at java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm$MH/1971758264.
> linkToTargetMethod(LambdaForm$MH)
>              at com.facebook.presto.$gen.IntegerIntegerMaxGroupedAccumu
> lator_3439.addIntermediate(Unknown Source)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.aggregation.builder.
> InMemoryHashAggregationBuilder$Aggregator.processPage(
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.aggregation.builder.
> InMemoryHashAggregationBuilder.processPage(InMemoryHashAggregationBuilder
> .java:138)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.HashAggregationOperator.
> addInput(
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.Driver.processInternal(Driver.
> java:343)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.Driver.lambda$processFor$6(
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.Driver$$Lambda$765/442308692.get(Unknown
> Source)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.Driver.tryWithLock(Driver.
> java:614)
>              at com.facebook.presto.operator.Driver.processFor(
> 235)
>              at com.facebook.presto.execution.SqlTaskExecution$
> DriverSplitRunner.processFor(
>              at com.facebook.presto.execution.executor.
> PrioritizedSplitRunner.process(
>              at com.facebook.presto.execution.executor.TaskExecutor$
>              at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
>              at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
>              at
>      ...
> Both issues go away after we restart the JVM, and the same query won't
> trigger the LambdaForm compilation issue, so it looks like the JVM enters
> some weird state.  We are wondering if there is any thoughts on what could
> trigger these issues? Or is there any suggestions about how to further
> investigate it next time we see the VM in this state?
> Thank you.

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