Integration blockers

jesper.wilhelmsson at jesper.wilhelmsson at
Wed Oct 18 17:21:01 UTC 2017


I've gone through all bugs filed based on nightly findings since the last integration to master and added the integration_blocker label to most of them. I tried to filter out infrastructure problems and bugs that seems to originate from master. The result is 14 blockers.

There can obviously be several cases where the label can be removed but the rule is the same as it has been before: All bugs found by nightly testing should have the integration_blocker label, or a motivation as to why it is not a blocker.

One (desperate) way to remove the integration_blocker label from a pure test bug is to add the test to the problem list. This is not recommended, but possible. The integration_blocker label is then moved to the subtask used to problem list the test. If a test is put on the problem list due to a VM issue (not recommended) the bug remains an integration blocker.


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