8188131: [PPC] Increase inlining thresholds to the same as other platforms

Kazunori Ogata OGATAK at jp.ibm.com
Thu Oct 19 06:43:19 UTC 2017

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your comment.  I checked the code cache size by running 
SPECjbb2015 (composite mode, i.e., single JVM mode, heap size is 31GB).

The used code cache size was increased by 4.5MB from 41982Kb to 47006Kb 
(+12%).  Is the increase too large?

The raw output of -XX:+PrintCodeCache are:

=== Original ===
CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods': size=652480Kb used=13884Kb 
max_used=13884Kb free=638595Kb
 bounds [0x00001000356f0000, 0x0000100036480000, 0x000010005d420000]
CodeHeap 'profiled nmethods': size=652480Kb used=26593Kb max_used=26593Kb 
 bounds [0x000010000d9c0000, 0x000010000f3c0000, 0x00001000356f0000]
CodeHeap 'non-nmethods': size=5760Kb used=1505Kb max_used=1559Kb 
 bounds [0x000010000d420000, 0x000010000d620000, 0x000010000d9c0000]
 total_blobs=16606 nmethods=10265 adapters=653
 compilation: enabled

=== Modified (webrev.00) ===
CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods': size=652480Kb used=18516Kb 
max_used=18516Kb free=633964Kb
 bounds [0x0000100035730000, 0x0000100036950000, 0x000010005d460000]
CodeHeap 'profiled nmethods': size=652480Kb used=26963Kb max_used=26963Kb 
 bounds [0x000010000da00000, 0x000010000f460000, 0x0000100035730000]
CodeHeap 'non-nmethods': size=5760Kb used=1527Kb max_used=1565Kb 
 bounds [0x000010000d460000, 0x000010000d660000, 0x000010000da00000]
 total_blobs=16561 nmethods=10295 adapters=653
 compilation: enabled


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Date:   2017/10/18 19:43
Subject:        RE: 8188131: [PPC] Increase inlining thresholds to the 
same as other platforms

Hi Ogata,

sorry for the delay. I had missed this one.

The change looks feasible to me.

It may only impact the utilization of the Code Cache. Can you evaluate 
that (e.g. by running large benchmarks with -XX:+PrintCodeCache)?

Thanks and best regards,

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other platforms

Hi all,

Please review a change for JDK-8188131.

Bug report: 


This change increases the default values of FreqInlineSize and 
InlineSmallCode in ppc64 to 325 and 2500, respectively.  These values are 
the same as aarch64.  The performance of TPC-DS Q96 was improved by about 
6% with this change.


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