RFR: 8215491: ICStubInterface::finalize finds zombie nmethod with ZGC concurrent class unloading

Erik Österlund erik.osterlund at oracle.com
Mon Dec 17 16:56:55 UTC 2018


Today, when converting a not_entrant nmethod to zombie, the sweeper 
first clears the IC stubs of that nmethod, and then make_zombie(). With 
concurrent class unloading, this ordering is a bit unfortunate. Between 
clearing the IC stubs and making it zombie, the concurrent GC threads 
may hit a timing window where they will create IC stubs for concurrently 
cleaning the ICs of this still is_alive() nmethod. The result is that 
during safepoint cleanup, when we finalize the IC stubs, we find one 
associated with a zombie.

The unregistering of the nmethod from the GC will block during 
concurrent nmethod unloading, so clearing the IC stubs after the nmethod 
has become zombie is a lot more sane as there can not be any such races 




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