[aarch64-port-dev ] RFR: 8209414: AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect JVMTI interp_only mode

Yangfei (Felix) felix.yang at huawei.com
Thu Dec 20 01:20:27 UTC 2018


    Previously, I saw the following ones that may deserve a backport: 8191955, 8202186, 8194256 and 8195588. 
    I will add this one to the list.  Please point out if I missed anyone.  


> On 12/19/18 7:31 AM, Nick Gasson (Arm Technology China) wrote:
> > In MethodHandles::jump_from_method_handle the test on the value of the
> > _interp_only_mode thread field is wrong: if this is non-zero we are
> > tracing or single stepping with JVMTI and should always branch to the
> > interpreted entry, to ensure the JVMTI method entry/exit hooks are
> > called. But in the AArch64 version we branch to the interpreted entry if
> > this value is *zero*, which is backwards.
> Ouch. That's my fault.
> This one merits a backport, I think. Is anyone keeping track of which
> patches must be backported to jdk8?
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