[PATCH] hsdis installation documentation update

Sergei Ustimenko merkel05 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 22:42:04 UTC 2018

Hi David,

> "server" should still say <vm>. While most platforms only have sevrer VM
> these days some do still have client and there is also minimal VM

Ah, right. I though there are no client VMs out there already.
I've updated the patch, hope it is good now.

diff --git a/src/utils/hsdis/README b/src/utils/hsdis/README
--- a/src/utils/hsdis/README
+++ b/src/utils/hsdis/README
@@ -114,18 +114,16 @@

 * Installing

-Products are named like build/$OS-$LIBARCH/hsdis-$LIBARCH.so.  You can
-install them on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or inside of your JRE/JDK.  The
-search path in the JVM is:
-1. <home>/jre/lib/<arch>/<vm>/libhsdis-<arch>.so
-2. <home>/jre/lib/<arch>/<vm>/hsdis-<arch>.so
-3. <home>/jre/lib/<arch>/hsdis-<arch>.so
+Products are named like build/$OS-$LIBARCH/hsdis-$LIBARCH.so. You can
+install them next to your libjvm.so inside JRE/JDK or alternatively
+put it anywhere on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. JVM looks up several paths
+derived from libjvm.so in the following order:
+1. <home>/lib/<vm>/libhsdis-<arch>.so
+2. <home>/lib/<vm>/hsdis-<arch>.so
+3. <home>/lib/hsdis-<arch>.so
 4. hsdis-<arch>.so  (using LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

-Note that there's a bug in hotspot versions prior to hs22 that causes
-steps 2 and 3 to fail when used with JDK7.
 Now test:

   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH .../hsdis/build/$OS-$LIBARCH:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH


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