[11] RFR(S): 8205472: Deadlock in Kitchensink when trying to print compile queues causing timeout

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Mon Jul 9 11:58:02 UTC 2018


please review the following patch:

When registering a compiled method in ciEnv::register_method() the compiler thread acquires the
MethodCompileQueue_lock and then performs a safepoint check before acquiring the Compile_lock as
well. If we enter a safepoint, the compiler thread is still holding the MethodCompileQueue_lock
while the VM thread may execute the VM_PrintCompileQueue VM operation which requires the
MethodCompileQueue_lock as well. We deadlock.

This bug is very intermittent and I was only able to reproduce it by modifying the VM to always
enter a safepoint (see comments in JIRA). The solution is to not acquire the MethodCompileQueue_lock
in CompileBroker::print_compile_queues() because we only execute that code at a safepoint anyway
(VM_PrintCompileQueue has evaluation_mode() == _safepoint).


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