[8u] RFR: 8196882: VS2017 Hotspot Defined vsnprintf Function Causes C2084 Already Defined Compilation Error

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Tue Jul 31 22:15:29 UTC 2018

> On Jul 31, 2018, at 5:14 PM, Kevin Walls <kevin.walls at oracle.com> wrote:
> Great, thanks Kim, 
> Not being an 8 Reviewer is fine, I'm very happy to get your comments here, and when we're happy with it I do a specific 8u approval email.
> src/os/windows/vm/os_windows.cpp / os::vsnprintf()  oops yes, should not check the result and call _vscprintf().
> src/share/vm/prims/jvm.cpp / jio_vsnprintf() should not force the null-terminator in the result.
> Making Windows retain its different behaviour also means the tests need to be different for Windows, so in ostream.cpp  in test_snprintf() I change the boolean passed to the test depending on the platform.  On Windows, expect_count is false.
> Updated webrev:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kevinw/8196882/webrev.01/
> Thanks
> Kevin

I think that trying this hard to retain the different Windows behavior is a mistake.

There aren’t that many callers of vsnprint / os::vsnprintf, and most of them don’t care
(don’t examine the return value).  We can see all of them, since this is a function inside
of hotspot, and not something exposed (unlike jio_vsnprintf and friends, which are in
a “public” header).

We *are* retaining the old behavior for jio_vsnprintf.

One of the few (the only?) other callers that cares is the one in ostream.cpp, and it is
at least arguable that it has always been somewhat wrong, and was fixed by the
jdk11 change.

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