Updated: [11] RFR(M) 8184349: There should be some verification that EnableJVMCI is disabled if a GC not supporting JVMCI is selected

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Mon Jun 11 17:26:40 UTC 2018


I updated changes made back in May. I pushed CMS tests changes in 
separate fix 8202611.

The main fix is for JVMCI to check if GC is supported and exit VM with 
error if not [1]. It is called from Arguments::apply_ergo() after GC is 
selected in GCConfig::initialize().

In Arguments::check_vm_args_consistency() I added compiler flags reset 
in -Xint case when Interpreter only used.

ScavengeRootsInCode code for JVMCI is removed because the same code is 
executed already always in Arguments::parse() [2].

Added new Arguments::set_compiler_flags() called from apply_ergo() to 
combine all compiler flags ergo settings.

One test CheckCompileThresholdScaling.java was modified because scaling 
compiler threshold is skipped in Interpreter mode (-Xint).

Tested tier1,tier2,tier3-graal



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