RFR: 8204939: Change Access nomenclature: root to native

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Wed Jun 13 08:49:52 UTC 2018

Please review this change of nomenclature in the Access API.  Rather
than using the word "root" we now use "native".  A "native" access has
an off-heap location, such as in a C/C++ data structure or global
variable.  This involves renaming the RootAccess class template to
NativeAccess, and renaming the IN_ROOT access decorator to IN_NATIVE.

Note that we are not renaming the IN_CONCURRENT_ROOT access decorator
as part of this change.  As discussed in JDK-8204690, we intend to
instead eliminate that decorator, as part of a later change.

This change consists of several sets of renamings and other minor
adjustments, all performed completely mechanically, e.g. by applying a
short sequence of bash commands to the repository being modified.  To
aid in reviewing, in addition to a webrev containing the full set of
changes, there is also a sequence of 4 webrevs that combined make up
that same complete set, along with the commands to produce them.



(1) Rename RootAccess to NativeAccess


hg qnew rename_RootAccess

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec grep -q RootAccess {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/RootAccess/NativeAccess/'

hg qrefresh

(2) Rename IN_ROOT to IN_NATIVE


hg qnew rename_IN_ROOT

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q " IN_ROOT  \s*=" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/ IN_ROOT   / IN_NATIVE /'

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec grep -q IN_ROOT {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/IN_ROOT/IN_NATIVE/'

hg qrefresh

(3) Rename some local variables named on_root and in_root to
in_native, for consistency.


hg qnew rename_on_root

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q "[^[:alnum:]_]on_root[^[:alnum:]_]" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/on_root/in_native/'

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q "[^[:alnum:]_]in_root[^[:alnum:]_]" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/in_root/in_native/'

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q " in_native  =" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/ in_native  =/ in_native =/'

hg qrefresh 

(4) Rename some local variables named on_heap, for consistency.


hg qnew rename_on_heap

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q "[^[:alnum:]_]on_heap[^[:alnum:]_]" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/on_heap/in_heap/'

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]pp" \
  -exec egrep -q " in_heap  =" {} \; -print \
  | xargs sed -i 's/ in_heap  =/ in_heap =/'

hg qrefresh 

(5) All changes


Local build and minimal testing of each of the partial webrevs.
Mach5 tier1,2,3 for the full change.

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