RFR(S/M): 8199472: Fix non-PCH build after JDK-8199319

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:34:26 UTC 2018


can I please have a review and a sponsor for the following fix:


The number changes files is "M" but the fix is actually "S" :)

Here come the gory details:

Change "8199319: Remove handles.inline.hpp include from
reflectionUtils.hpp" breaks the non-PCH build (at least on Ubuntu
16.04 with gcc 5.4.0). If you configure with
"--disable-precompiled-headers" you will get a whole lot of undefined
reference for "Handle::Handle(Thread*, oopDesc*)" - see bug report.

It seems that newer versions of GCC (and possibly other compilers as
well) don't emit any code for inline functions if these functions can
be inlined at all potential call sites.

The problem in this special case is that "Handle::Handle(Thread*,
oopDesc*)" is not declared "inline" in "handles.hpp", but its
definition in "handles.inline.hpp" is declared "inline". This leads to
a situation, where compilation units which only include "handles.hpp"
will emit a call to "Handle::Handle(Thread*, oopDesc*)" while
compilation units which include "handles.inline.hpp" will try to
inline "Handle::Handle(Thread*, oopDesc*)". If all the inlining
attempts are successful, no instance of "Handle::Handle(Thread*,
oopDesc*)" will be generated in any of the object files. This will
lead to the link errors listed in the .

The quick fix for this issue is to include "handles.inline.hpp" into
all the compilation units with undefined references (listed below).

The correct fix (realized in this RFR) is to declare
"Handle::Handle(Thread*, oopDesc*)" inline in "handles.hpp". This will
lead to warnings (which are treated as errors) if the inline
definition is not available at a call site and will avoid linking
error due to compiler optimizations. Unfortunately this requires a
whole lot of follow-up changes, because "handles.hpp" defines some
derived classes of "Handle" which all have implicitly inline
constructors which all reference the base class
"Handle::Handle(Thread*, oopDesc*)" constructor. So the constructors
of the derived classes have to be explicitly declared inline in
"handles.hpp" and their implementation has to be moved to
"handles.inline.hpp". This change again triggers other changes for all
files which relayed on the derived Handle classes having inline

Thank you and best regards,

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