Pre-RFR (L) 8199263: Split interfaceSupport.hpp to not require including .inline.hpp files

coleen.phillimore at coleen.phillimore at
Wed Mar 14 12:48:40 UTC 2018

Hi, this is broken with the inline Handle constructor, so please 
disregard for now.  I have to add more handles.inline.hpp includes since 
they're not transitively included by interfaceSupport.hpp.

On 3/13/18 9:01 AM, coleen.phillimore at wrote:
> Sorry, this is the correct webrev:
> Coleen
> On 3/13/18 7:50 AM, coleen.phillimore at wrote:
>> Summary: interfaceSupport.hpp is an inline file so moved to 
>> interfaceSupport.inline.hpp and stopped including it in .hpp files
>> 90% of this change is renaming interfaceSupport.hpp to 
>> interfaceSupport.inline.hpp.   I tried to see if all of these files 
>> needed this header and the answer was yes.   A surprising (to me!) 
>> number of files have thread state transitions.
>> Some of interesting part of this change is adding 
>> ciUtilities.inline.hpp to include interfaceSupport.inline.hpp for 
>> VM_ENTRY.  whitebox.inline.hpp was added for the same reason.
>> jvmtiEnter.hpp was renamed jvmtiEnter.inline.hpp because it includes 
>> interfaceSupport.inline.hpp, and is only included in cpp files.
>> The rest of the changes were to add back includes that are not pulled 
>> in by header files including interfaceSupport.hpp, like gcLocker.hpp 
>> and of course handles.inline.hpp.
>> This probably overlaps some of Volker's patch.  Can this be tested on 
>> other platforms that we don't have?
>> Hopefully, at the end of all this we have more clean header files so 
>> that transitive includes don't make the jvm build on one platform but 
>> not the next.  I think that's the goal of all of this work.
>> This was tested with Oracle platforms (linux-x64, solaris-sparcv9, 
>> macosx-x64, windows-x64) in the mach5 tier1 and 2.   I built this 
>> locally without precompiled headers (my default setting of course) on 
>> linux-x64.
>> bug link
>> local webrev at 
>> Thanks to Stefan for his help with this.
>> Thanks,
>> Coleen

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