RFD: AOT for AArch64

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Sat Mar 24 09:37:49 UTC 2018


On 03/23/2018 11:27 PM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:

> This is great!!!

Thanks!  My pleasure.

> I checked Hotspot changes and they seems fine. At least I build and ran AOT tests on X64 Linux.
> Please, explain changes in JvmFeatures.gmk.

It's just some stuff I'm doing when debugging.  I'll pull it out.

> Few question about jaotc changes. TODO part in
> CodeSectionProcessor.java - you not doing it for aarch64. Why? May
> be we don't need to for x64 too. Originally it was added because
> when we used libelf tools to geenrate .o files linker did not patch
> this memory if it is not 0.

I don't know why it's needed in x86.  We don't need to do it and it
patches the wrong place for AArch64.

> Code in AOTCompiledClass.java look strange in try block. Why you need it?

> Why you made allocate_metadata_index virtual in oopRecorder.hpp?

It's  not needed anyomore.  I forgot to take it out.

> May be we need java property to keep object file.

Perhaps so.  It's impossible to debug without that file.  If you suggest
an appropriate name I'll add it.

> I wasn't able to extract patch from aarch64-branch-overflows
> branch. I am new to git:
> $ git branch
>    aarch64-branch-overflows
> * master
> $ git diff master aarch64-branch-overflows
> $
> I see changes in
> https://github.com/oracle/graal/compare/master...theRealAph:aarch64-branch-overflows
> Can you just send a patch instead?

git diff -r 74bae05fac60c035bf0387e76e4ece6c5b9119a8
should do it.  It's im

> And update it to latest Graal master?

Sure, I'll do that.  I'm a bit nervous about that because every time I
update the Graal devs have refactored everything.  ;-)

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