8200246 : AIX build fails after adjustments of src/hotspot/share/trace/traceEventClasses.xsl

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at sap.com
Mon Mar 26 14:55:17 UTC 2018

Hello,  after  recent   adjustments of src/hotspot/share/trace/traceEventClasses.xsl
in jdk/hs     ( see 8196337: Add commit methods that take all event properties as argument ) the AIX build fails.

The  xlC compiler is not happy with

using TraceEvent::commit;

in traceEventClasses.xsl (looks like correct C++ but xlc  12.1 refuses to compile ).
Error messages :

/nightly/output-jdk-hs/hotspot/variant-server/gensrc/tracefiles/traceEventClasses.hpp", line 226.9: 1540-1113 (S) The class template name "TraceEvent" must be followed by a < in this context.

Bug :


Adding  the  template  parameter   to TraceEvent   makes  xlc happy too.


Are you fine with this change ?

Best regards, Matthias

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