RFR: Let nmethods be is_unloading() outside of safepoints

Erik Österlund erik.osterlund at oracle.com
Mon Nov 12 22:44:33 UTC 2018


All current GCs perform code cache unloading in safepoints. Therefore, 
nmethods that are alive but is_unloading() are never observed outside of 
safepoints. With concurrent class unloading, nmethods that are alive but 
is_unloading() will become observable outside of safepoints. This must 
be handled appropriately.

In this patch I changed the nmethod/compiled method iterators to accept 
parameters describing whether they should filter out not is_alive() or 
is_unloading() methods. Since there is no obvious default (all 
combinations are used depending on call site), you have to explicitly 
set what iteration mode you want.

Other than that, I make sure that the sweeper stays away from 
is_unloading() nmethods that are not yet is_unloaded(). To make the 
interactions between the sweeper and concurrent GC threads safe, I had 
to move down the store that sets the state to unloaded, and use a 
release_store there, to make sure no accesses float below it at 
compile-time. Once that store is observed, nmethods may be deleted.

In the IC miss handler, I also need to lazily clean stale IC caches due 
to calling is_unloading nmethods using nmethod entry barriers.




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