RFR: 8213481: [REDO] Fix incorrect copy constructors in hotspot

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Mon Nov 19 06:14:09 UTC 2018

Please review this fix of the debug-only copy constructor and
assignment operator for ResourceObj, along with adding some missing
uses of the copy constructor.

The missing copy constructor uses were found by enabling -Wextra.

The ResourceObj debug-only copy constructor should behave exactly the
same as the corresponding default constructor.  That is, the setup for
checking the allocation state in the destructor and operator delete
should be the same whether in the normal or copy constructor.  That
previously wasn't true, resulting in assert failures.

The ResourceObj assignment operator also should not be assuming the
target of the assignment was stack/embeded allocated; that's just not
a valid assumption.  The corresponding assertion has been removed.

Note that the ResourceObj allocation/construction/deletion code is
oddly indented, using an initial 4 space indentation and 2 spaces for
further indenting, unlike the usual consistent 2 space indentation
used elsewhere in HotSpot, including elsewhere in allocation.cpp.
I've left that indentation intact to minimize diffs in some views for
review.  Unless there are objections, I plan to fix the indentation.



mach5 tier1-3.  There were many failures in these tiers with just the
addition of the missing copy constructor calls (JDK-8213414).

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