Call for reviews: JEP 189: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause Garbage Collector

Roman Kennke rkennke at
Tue Nov 27 10:52:21 UTC 2018

Hi there,

I just noticed that we have only one 'Reviewed-by:' entry in the
Shenandoah JEP. I know that several people have reviewed it in the past,
as I've incorporated several suggestions into the JEP. I believe the JEP
cannot move forward to 'proposed to target' without at least one more
added reviewer.

If you have reviewed the JEP in the past, and/or feel like reviewing it
now, please don't forget to add your 'Reviewed-by:' entry. I believe any
Reviewer familiar with the relevant field of expertise (GC and/or
Hotspot in this case) can review it and add his name to it.


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