RFR: 8210330: Make CLD claiming allow multiple claim bits

Erik Österlund erik.osterlund at oracle.com
Tue Sep 4 08:42:14 UTC 2018


Today, the claim value of a CLD is logically a boolean, stored as an 
int. Either a CLD is claimed, or not claimed. This is used by the GC to 
see if oops_do can be skipped on the CLD, because its handles have 
already been marked.
With ZGC supporting concurrent class unloading, the CLD holder can be 
marked finalizably reachable first, and afterwards strongly reachable. 
This requires 2 claim bits in the CLD: one for claiming it for strong 
marking of the oop handles, and one for finalizable marking.

Rather than making a separate mechanism for ZGC only, I would like to 
use these shared claim bits. I think this is a fascility that anyone who 
has concurrent reference processing and concurrent class unloading will 
need, it just happens to be that ZGC is the first GC to do that in 
hotspot. I also have the hypothesis that this can be beneficial for 
other uses such as the JFR leak profiler, which can have its own claim 
bits, instead of clearing the claim bit, doing its thing, and then 
restoring the claim bit to what it was before.

As part of this change, I changed the "must_claim" boolean that is 
passed around to instead take an int for the desired claim value, and 
made it explicit and not implicit.




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