RFR: 8209093 - JEP 340: One AArch64 Port, Not Two

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Mon Sep 17 17:49:52 UTC 2018

On 09/17/2018 07:00 PM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> On 9/17/18 9:20 AM, Bob Vandette wrote:
>> Please review the changes related to JEP 340 which remove the second
>> 64-bit ARM port from the JDK.>>
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~bobv/8209093/webrev.01

I read through the webrev, and it seems to be the clean removal. It also feels
very satisfying to drop 15 KLOC of ifdef-ed code.

Minor nits:

 *) In src/hotspot/cpu/arm/c1_LIRAssembler_arm.cpp and
src/hotspot/cpu/arm/interp_masm_arm.cpp we have "#if defined(ASSERT)", which cab
be just "#ifdef ASSERT" now

 *) Ditto in src/hotspot/cpu/arm/jniFastGetField_arm.cpp we have "#if

 *) In src/hotspot/cpu/arm/macroAssembler_arm.hpp, the comment below seems to
apply to AArch64 only. Yet, only the first line of the comment is removed. I
think we should instead convert that comment into "TODO:" mentioning this might
be revised after AArch64 removal?

 992   void branch_if_negative_32(Register r, Label& L) {
 993     // Note about branch_if_negative_32() / branch_if_any_negative_32()
implementation for AArch64:
 994     // tbnz is not used instead of tst & b.mi because destination may be
out of tbnz range (+-32KB)
 995     // since these methods are used in LIR_Assembler::emit_arraycopy() to
jump to stub entry.
 996     tst_32(r, r);
 997     b(L, mi);
 998   }

 *) In src/hotspot/cpu/arm/stubGenerator_arm.cpp, lines L1204..1205, L1435..1436
can be merged together:

1203   // Generate the inner loop for shifted forward array copy (unaligned copy).
1204   // It can be used when bytes_per_count < wordSize, i.e.
1205   //  byte/short copy

1434   // Generate the inner loop for shifted backward array copy (unaligned copy).
1435   // It can be used when bytes_per_count < wordSize, i.e.
1436   //  byte/short copy

 *) In src/hotspot/cpu/arm/stubGenerator_arm.cpp, the comment changed
incorrectly around L3363?

  - //    R4 (AArch64) / SP[0] (32-bit ARM) -  element count (32-bit int)
  + //    R4    -  element count (32-bit int)

 *) In src/hotspot/cpu/arm/templateInterpreterGenerator_arm.cpp, "R4"/"R5"
comments are missing:

  - const Register Rsig_handler    = AARCH64_ONLY(R21) NOT_AARCH64(Rtmp_save0 /*
R4 */);
  - const Register Rnative_code    = AARCH64_ONLY(R22) NOT_AARCH64(Rtmp_save1 /*
R5 */);
  + const Register Rsig_handler    = Rtmp_save0;
  + const Register Rnative_code    = Rtmp_save1;


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