Question on "JEP: JVMCI based JIT Compiler pre-compiled as shared library"

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Fri Nov 22 18:23:59 UTC 2019

Hi Volker

Most of JVMCI changes for libgraal are done and it is in JDK 13/14. I don't expect any more major changes in JVMCI, only 
bugs fixes.

About plans.

As you remember during this JVMLS we talked about our plan to transition to Graal from C2 in a future. And using AOT'ed 
(SVM'ed) Graal (libgraal) is important part of this transition, 8220623 is part of that. Most work is done by GraalVM 
group in Oracle. They just released 19.3 version of GraalVM that is based on JDK 11 and using libgraal by default which 
use JVMCI changes from 8220623.

On OpenJDK side we plan to release libgraal EA based on Metropolis repository, as I said during JVMLS. This is tracked 
by RFE [1]. RFE's description is outdated since Metropolis repo is based on JDK 14 now and I need to update it. There is 
also Graal's PR, Bob V. is working on, to adjust upstream Graal/SVM code to API changes done in JDK 14.

I am working on RFE and I will be pushing some small changes into Metropolis repo for that. It is coming slower than we 
wish but it is progressing.



On 11/22/19 9:49 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question related to the JEP draft "JVMCI based JIT Compiler
> pre-compiled as shared library". Back in April/May "JDK-8220623:
> [JVMCI] Update JVMCI to support JVMCI based Compiler compiled into
> shared library", which was a pretty huge change, has been pushed to
> jdk13.
> I wonder how much of the envisioned JEP functionality has already been
> delivered by change "JDK-8220623" and what is still missing in order
> to fully support pre-compiled JIT compilers as a shared library. Has
> most of the work already been done by "JDK-8220623"? I don't see any
> more sub-tasks on JEP JDK-8223220 and neither do I see any progress on
> that JEP. From what I saw, it even hasn't been proposed and/or
> discussed on an OpenJDK mailing list yet.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Volker

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