review request (M) - 6578152: fill_region_with_object

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Wed Dec 3 18:31:14 PST 2008

John Coomes (John.Coomes at wrote:
> John Coomes (John.Coomes at wrote:
> > 6578152: fill_region_with_object has usability and safety issues
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Touches 25 files, but many are trivial changes.  Thanks for any
> > comments.
> Ping :-).  Still looking for reviews.
> I updated the webrev after two minor changes:  (a) the new versions of
> insert_deadspace() in psMarkSweepDecorator.cpp and space.cpp now mark
> the object live as the old versions did, and (b) fixed a typo in
> fill_with_array in collectedHeap.cpp (no semantic change).  If anyone
> looked at the previous version and would like more details on these,
> let me know.

I updated the webrev after some helpful comments from Andrey
Petrusenko (thank you Andrey).

The only files changed were collectedHeap.[ch]pp--I removed some
static constants in favor of inlined methods and shortened the method

If anyone else is looking at this webrev, let me know and I'll wait.
Otherwise, I will push tomorrow after some testing overnight.


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