Avoiding 1 long CMS with a big heap

Matt Khan matt.khan at db.com
Wed Apr 14 15:31:29 PDT 2010

>> CMS tries to project how early to start a cycle based on past behavior. 
 When there hasn't been much data gathered about collections, the 
projection can just be wrong.
OK so it seems to be Q of how can I mitigate this risk, i.e. is there 
anything I can do to influence this behaviour such that the probability of 
such an incorrect call, by the collector, is reduced? 

Obviously ideally it would be possible to eliminate the risk full stop but 
based on your reply it sounds like I'd need to be able to guarantee that 
"this object really is not reachable by anything that's in tenured" which 
really appears to equate to explicit memory management.


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