Modifying the compactor

Y. S. Ramakrishna y.s.ramakrishna at
Mon Nov 8 10:39:04 PST 2010

Hello Faizan --

GC code lives under src/share/vm/{memory,gc_interface,gc_implementation}.
A white paper gives an overview as of a couple of years ago:-

It's also referenced from the overview available here:-

all the best.
-- ramki

On 11/05/10 11:02, faiza khaliq wrote:
> Sir ,
> I am a student of M.E computer science at bits pilani. I am handling a 
> project of implementing replication based incremental compactor on the 
> current garbage collector of hotspot jdk which will optimize the 
> compaction process . For this i need a proper documentation on garbage 
> collector so that i could know about the modules that i need to look 
> upon and change . So please mail me some document regarding this .
> I would be thankful to you.
> Yours Truly
> Faizan

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