review(M): 7144296: PS: Optimize nmethods processing

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Fri Feb 10 16:50:06 PST 2012

Igor Veresov (igor.veresov at wrote:
> This change does two things: 
> 1. Prunes the "scavenge roots in code" list after each minor GC.
> 2. Promotes objects pointed by code directly into the old gen, instead of ping-ponging them in the survivor spaces.
> Webrev:

Looks good.  Minor suggestion - you could use a typedef and get
meaningful names for the closures, e.g.,

typedef PSRootsClosure<true> PSScavengeRootsClosure;
typedef PSRootsClosure<false> PSPromoteRootsClosure;

To keep the existing name (PSScavengeRootsClosure) the same at the use
points, the template class has to be renamed.  I used PSRootsClosure,
but any other name would work.


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