Review request (S) JDK-8004241 NPG: Metaspace occupies more memory than specified by -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize option

Mikael Gerdin mikael.gerdin at
Thu Mar 7 00:54:36 PST 2013


When deciding when to reserve more metaspace memory we erroneously 
looked only at the "capacity" of the metaspace insted of the reserved 
space (which is what we ask this function when expanding).

Additionally, we didn't check MaxMetaspaceSize against the sum of 
reserved(Class) + reserved(NonClass) which caused us to use more than 
MaxMetaspaceSize even when it was set.

(not yet available at the time of writing this mail)


JPRT with -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize set for all tests to exercise the code path.

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