Request for review (m) 8008966: NPG: Inefficient Metaspace counter functions cause large young GC regressions

Mikael Gerdin mikael.gerdin at
Thu Mar 28 03:45:35 PDT 2013


I have some comments and I've replied to your discussion with Coleen inline.

In MetaspaceGC::should_expand it looks like you reverted part of the 
change I did for JDK-8004241.
I still believe that checking the value of capacity when deciding 
weather to expand is wrong because should_expand is used to decide when 
we should reserve more address space, not commit more memory out of 
already reserved address space.
In addition to that, checking MaxMetaspaceSize against 
MetaspaceAux::capacity_byte() seems unintuitive compared MaxHeapSize.
MaxHeapSize limits the amount of address space we reserve for the Java 
heap, that of course implies that the amount of memory we commit for the 
Java heap is also bounded. I think that MaxMetaspaceSize should work in 
a similar manner. It should limit the amount of address space we reserve 
and thereby it will enforce a limit of how much memory we commit as well.

In psParallelCompact, PreGCValues::fill you call 
MetaspaceAux::capacity_words() and multiply by BytesPerWord instead of 
calling capacity_bytes()

Instead of adding calls to verify_capacity() after calls to purge(), 
can't you call verify_capacity() from inside purge()?

I think that the atomics you added in
MetaspaceAux::{inc,dec}_capacity and 
SpaceManager::inc_allocation_metrics are unnecessary since it looks like 
all the callers hold the expand_lock(). That can probably be asserted 
with assert_lock_strong calls.

For the overall used versus capacity in MetaspaceCounters I think it's 
ok to that we will report the amount of memory in chunks which have are 
not on the free list as the "used" value, at least for now.

On 2013-03-28 00:13, Jon Masamitsu wrote:
> On 3/27/2013 2:14 PM, Coleen Phillimore wrote:
>> Hi Jon,
>> In metaspace.hpp maybe capacity_in_bytes should be called
>> capacity_bytes_slow() or something like that to distinguish it from
>> capacity_bytes() which is fast.
>> *+   // Total capacity in all Metaspaces*
>>     static size_t capacity_in_bytes() {
>> *       return capacity_in_bytes(Metaspace::ClassType) +*
>> *              capacity_in_bytes(Metaspace::NonClassType);*
>> *+  #ifdef PRODUCT*
>> *+      // Use capacity_bytes() in PRODUCT instead of this function.*
>> *+     guarantee(false, "Should not call capacity_in_bytes() in the
>> PRODUCT");*
>> *+ #endif
>> *
> I like the name capacity_bytes_slow() so made the change
> capacity_in_bytes -> capacity_bytes_slow
>> Or maybe since capacity_in_bytes() is used for the other counters,
>> change the capacity_bytes() name to allocated_capacity() or something
>> like that.   Just so the two names are more different than the
>> presence of "_in".
> I will keep this second suggestion in mind.  I'm going to be making some
> other name changes
> so may use allocated_capacity.
>> metaspace.cpp:
>> line 270 and 283 are missing an 'n' in accounting.   I like the
>> promise of a cleanup.   Even with the comment, it's hard to keep these
>> straight.
>> 1199-1201 is the same code as above it.
> Fixed.
>> 2520 capacity_in_bytes(mdtype) is still called for PrintGCDetails
>> which iterates over the CLD graph.   This seems too expensive for GC
>> printing.   It also calls used_in_bytes() so iterates twice. Then x2
>> for class vs. data metaspace.   This wasn't part of the GC slowdown
>> that was observed?
> Yes this this is part of the slow down.  I don't have a replacement yet
> for used_in_bytes() yet so thought I
> would fix this when I replaced used_in_bytes().   I can diff out this code
> (the code that does data_space and class_space output separately) or
> I can fix it.  Should I just fix it now?

How about this:

Move the running count of allocated chunk bytes to the ChunkManager or 
VirtualSpaceList classes, then allocated chunks  of ClassType and 
NonClassType are accounted separately and we can simply add them 
together for the total.

>> 2935.  I don't understand why we are checking UseMallocOnly since we
>> don't use malloc for metaspaces ever.
> That was probably a mis-merge when I started with the malloc-chunks
> patch.  I'll
> delete it.

No, that's much much older :)
As I remember it's from before the metachunk allocation scheme was 
integrated into hotspot-metadata.
But I agree that it should be removed, now it doesn't make any sense 

>> I can't comment on the CMS change.  It looks like you just moved it.
> Yes, I just moved a class up so that I could use it in the "Resizing"
> phase.

For JDK-8009894 I'm planning on adding some more code to the "Resizing" 
case. As part of that Stefan wanted me to break out part of that case in 
to a method in order to not make collect_in_background even bigger.
Do you think it's time for a CMSCollector::resize() and moving of some 
of the code in the case there?


> Thanks.
> Jon
>> Coleen
>> On 3/27/2013 12:13 AM, Jon Masamitsu wrote:
>>> Replace the use of a method that calculated the total capacity of
>>> the Metaspaces by iterating over all the Metaspaces by maintaining
>>> the sum of Metaspace capacities as the Metachunks are
>>> allocated to each Metaspace.  Also maintain a sum for each
>>> Metaspace as the Metachunks are allocated to that Metaspace.
>>> Change should_expand() and compute_new_space() to
>>> calculate quantities in bytes.
>>> Remove calls to methods that calculated totals for
>>> "used" and "free" by iterating over the Metaspaces
>>> in product mode.  In some cases substitute the use
>>> of capacity for used.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Jon

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