RFR (3*XS): Backports to 8u40 of 8054819, 8055919, 8056043

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Thu Aug 28 09:45:30 UTC 2014

Hi all,

  can I have a few reviews for these backports that have a few minor
merge errors?

8054819: Rename HeapRegionSeq to HeapRegionManager:

There were some merge failures due to whitespace differences:

- at HeapRegionManager::HeapRegionManager()
- in heapRegionRemSet.cpp line 497:

if (G1TraceHeapRegionRememberedSet) {
  gclog_or_tty->print_cr("   [tid %d] sparse table entry "
                "overflow(f: %d, t: %d)",  (*)
                tid, from_hrs_ind, cur_hrs_ind);

(*) the second %d has already been fixed in 9 but not in 8u

Original webrev:
New webrev:

8055919: Remove dead code in G1 concurrent marking code

Merge failures due to typos not fixed in 8uX:


line 946: 8u has "reponsibility", 9 has "responsibility"
line 950: 8u has "unconditinally", 9 has "unconditionally"


line 108: 8u has "incremement", 9 has "increment"
line 225: 8u has "unconditinally", 9 has "unconditionally"

Original webrev:
New webrev:

8037925: CMM Testing: an allocated humongous object at the end of the
heap should not prevents shrinking the heap

had to backport this one too, no failures though.

8056043: G1 does not uncommit within the heap after JDK-8038423

There are merge errors in the test case
test/gc/g1/TestHumongousShrinkHeap.java that has been re-enabled in this
CR. The 8u test case does not have the @ignore line.
This has been added in another CR (8044132: Quarantine unstable/broken
GC tests), but that one has dependencies on many other unrelated CRs, so
I did not try to backport it.

Original webrev:
New webrev:

Please review these differences.


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