RFR: 8062943: REDO - Parallelize clearing the next mark bitmap

Marcus Larsson marcus.larsson at oracle.com
Fri Nov 7 14:11:25 UTC 2014

Thanks for reviewing, Kim and Thomas!


On 07/11/14 13:16, Thomas Schatzl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2014-11-06 at 15:53 +0100, Marcus Larsson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can I have some reviews for the following re-do patch to parallelize
>> clearing of the next mark bitmap [1].
>> The previous patch would cause some asserts in
>> HeapRegionManager::par_iterate() to fail because iteration was happening
>> concurrently with humongous heap region reclamation. These asserts are
>> invalid if iteration is performed concurrently.
>> With this updated patch I add a concurrent flag to the par_iterate()
>> function that when set causes iteration to ignore the humongous status
>> of heap regions, and simply iterate over regions one-by-one.
> The change looks good. Thanks for updating the comment to the
> "concurrent" parameter after giving me a first look.
> Thanks,
>    Thomas

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