Fwd: Re: RFR: 8062536: [TESTBUG] Conflicting GC combinations in jdk tests

Dmitry Fazunenko Dmitry.Fazunenko at oracle.com
Sat Nov 8 08:11:36 UTC 2014

Hi Mandy,

On 08.11.2014 02:41, Mandy Chung wrote:
> On 11/7/14 3:34 AM, Evgeniya Stepanova wrote:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~eistepan/8062536/webrev.02/
> What are the valid values ofvm.gc?  It's a bit awk for null as a valid 
> value and I would imagine "*" wildcard may be a better value?

vm.gc variable is set by jtreg based on passed -XX:+Use???GC command 
line vm flag.
If such flag is not given vm.gc will be set to null (or "null" which is 

So, vm.gc could be set to any value. In reality the following strings 
are expected: null, "Parallel", "Serial", "G1", "ConcMarkSweep".

null means "not set", it doesn't mean "any".
If a test is applicable for all GC - you don't need @requires vm.gc == "*"

> Since you are touching test/java/lang/management/** tests, we can 
> remove these shell tests and add multiple @run in the java test 
> instead.  It'd be great if you can take this opportunity to remove 
> these shell tests as they are not really necessary.

Yes, agree, shell is not necessary here. But such refactoring is better 
to be done as part of another RFE.


> thanks
> Mandy

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