RFR (S): 8074546: Rename and clean up the ParGCAllocBuffer class

Joseph Provino joseph.provino at oracle.com
Tue Apr 7 17:10:39 UTC 2015

On 4/7/2015 12:41 PM, Kim Barrett wrote:
> On Apr 7, 2015, at 12:16 PM, Joseph Provino <joseph.provino at oracle.com> wrote:
>> I made the changes recommended by Kim.
>> It passes jprt.
>> As Kim mentioned, removing plab.h from g1CollectedHeap.hpp could potentially show
>> places where plab.h should be included but isn't.
>> Is there something else I should do to verify there isn't a problem?
> The problem I was suggesting might show up is that some file uses stuff in plab.hpp but only
> includes g1CollectedHeap.hpp.  Removing the plab.hpp include from g1CollectedHeap.hpp
> might result in build failures due to missing includes of plab.hpp.


> If it builds (on all platforms), then it should be fine.
It passes JPRT so I think it's okay.


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