RFR: 8073717: verify_no_cset_oops found reclaimed humongous object in SATB buffer

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Tue Apr 14 05:00:57 UTC 2015

Please review this change to remove some no longer valid checking of
the SATB buffers.

During an evacuation pause there are several points where the contents
of the SATB buffers (along with other data structures not relevant
here) are examined to verify they don't contain objects that are in
the collection set.  The introduction of eager reclaim of humongous
objects may result in violations of the "invariant" being checked,
when applied to the SATB buffers.

This is related to other issues around stale references to reclaimed
humongous objects being present in the SATB buffers.  See also

Rather than doing extra work to scrub the stale references from the
buffers, we are going to handle them lazily - the needed tests are
already being performed by the final processor of the SATB buffers as
part of object marking.  This means that invariants about the contents
of the SATB buffers need to be relaxed.

To deal with this particular case, where verify_no_cset_oops is
failing, we are changing to no longer have that function examine the
SATB buffers at all.  Removing that checking then leaves some
functions for the SATB queues unused, so we delete them too.

As a result, one of the three calls was checking state that hadn't
changed since the previous check, so was removed.




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