RFR: 8066821(S) Enhance command line processing to manage deprecating and obsoleting -XX command line arguments

Derek White derek.white at oracle.com
Fri Jul 17 17:30:27 UTC 2015

Request for review:

[This updated webrev is being sent to wider audience, and has been 
merged with Gerard's option constraints check-in. Also factored out 
-XX:+AggressiveHeap processing into it's own chapter. I mean function :-)]


This webrev adds support for handling "/deprecated/" -XX options 
(options that still *do* something but are planned for removal) and 
"/alias/" options (alternate names for other -XX options) by simply 
adding entries to the deprecated_jvm_flags and/or aliased_jvm_flags 
tables. This follows the example of the existing obsolete_jvm_flags table.

This replaces a lot of ad-hoc and occasionally wrong code in 
arguments.cpp as well as supporting automatically disabling options 
after a certain version.

Deprecated and alias options can be tested by adding entries to tables 
in new tests:

The new tests subsume these existing tests:

Tests run:
     jtreg (investigating errors in resource mgmt tests running on SE 
embedded that seems unrelated to these changes.)


  - Derek

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