RFR (M): 8073052: Rename and clean up the allocation manager hierarchy in g1Allocator.?pp

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Tue Jul 28 08:46:14 UTC 2015

Hi all,

  can I have reviews for this change that cleans up G1Allocator related
code in preparation for actual PLAB sizing changes?

The change tries to decrease the number of dependencies between
g1allocator, g1collectedheap and g1allocregion.

It is motivated by existing circular calls between the classes,
particularly G1CollectedHeap and G1Allocator.

E.g. G1Allocator::allocate_direct_or_plab() calls
G1CollectedHeap::par_allocate_during_gc(), which after calling a few
helper functions calls G1Allocator::old/survivor_gc_alloc_region() and a
few G1AllocRegion methods.

This change makes the procedure much more straightforward by moving the
methods that deal with actual allocation (not policy) into G1Allocator,
allowing us to hide G1AllocRegion from G1CollectedHeap completely.
(G1AllocRegion is a helper class anyway).

Further, this moving around of methods showed that there is an include
cycle between g1CollectedHeap.inline.hpp, i.e.
G1CollectedHeap::obj_in_cs() referencing HeapRegion::in_collection_set()
in heapRegion.inline.hpp that references G1CollectedHeap::is_in_cset()
in g1CollectedHeap.inline.hpp again.

For whatever reason compilers do not complain, but moving methods made
that show up.

This has been fixed by moving more method implementatations into
the .inline.hpp files, and putting the implementation of
G1CollectedHeap::obj_in_cs() from the g1CollectedHeap.hpp into the .cpp

Finally, the change aligns the naming of G1ParGCAllocator with other
classes that use "PLAB" in their names instead of "ParGC".




Note that there has already been an RFR with that number earlier,
however at that time a lot of other changes in this area were done by
others, and the problems with these changes have only been fixed a few
weeks ago.


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