JEP 248: Make G1 the Default Garbage Collector

Kirk Pepperdine kirk at
Tue Jun 2 12:05:01 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

>> I would not want to see a change made to the default behaviour that
>> could potentially negatively affect a large number of apps and in
>> doing so harm the long-term perception of the platform as a "safe pair
>> of hands".
> But that would mean that we could never change the default behaviour
> of anything important.

I don’t think that is the message being sent. What I’ve been saying and I think Ben has come in with is that we don’t believe G1 has proven it’s self in the early adopter crowd to be pushed out to the general population. By 10, I would hope that G1 would be more stable and that the risk factors would be better understood. At which point we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


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