RFR 8042668: GC Support for shared heap ranges in CDS (RE: JDK-8059092)

Tom Benson tom.benson at oracle.com
Thu Jun 11 19:39:17 UTC 2015


On 6/11/2015 8:13 AM, Tom Benson wrote:
> > Looks good. Thanks for your patience with me :)
> Thanks.   If one of the other reviewers of the earlier version can 
> look at the update, it would be great.  I'll also need a commit sponsor.
> I'll try to create a webrev with diffs between the first version and 
> this one, if that will help.

This is now at 
http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~tbenson/8042668/webrev.03/webrev_3_vs_1/ , 
showing the diffs between this version OK'd by Thomas and the earlier 
version which included only feedback from Bengt and Per.


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