Pressenna psockali at
Wed Mar 25 22:39:24 UTC 2015

Hello together,

I am working on a GC dubbed CMM.
I have discussed the client API details with a few colleagues / friends and
they think that it might be a worthwhile effort.

CMM attempts to give the mutators better control over their memory
This is achieved by means of scoped heaps.
The mutators are now able to create, activate / deactivate, collect and
dispose of scoped heaps via an API.

I have now written up some of the details on a web site and was wondering
if I could obtain some feedback from the experts who know the subject
matter best.

See for a bit more detail and some use

I also checked in the CMM Java API into a repository.
The code will certainty not survive any reviews at this stage, but the CMM
interfaces are there to illustrate the basic idea.


All feedback is most welcome, maybe something similar like this already
exists and I could learn from it for this implementation.

Thanks and regards,
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