Request for Review (s) - 8133023: ParallelGCThreads is not calculated correctly

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at
Mon Nov 30 19:47:19 UTC 2015

On Nov 30, 2015, at 12:20 PM, Jon Masamitsu <jon.masamitsu at> wrote:
>> src/share/vm/runtime/os.cpp
>>  319   VM_Version::vm_init_before_ergo();
>> This call is in generic code, but only two definitions have been
>> provided, for sparc and x86.  Missing are aarch64, ppc, and zero.
> Add vm_init_before_ergo() for those even though JPRT does not
> build them? I don't need to be convinced to do it.  Just
> encouraged.  Say "do it" and I'll do it.

I think you should do it, rather than knowingly breaking the build for those targets when the needed code is so trivial.

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